My name is Jasmin. I'm 20 and I live in LA. I'm a Gemini. I'm taken and happy. I'm a graduate of 2011. I work in retail, the struggle is real everyday. I love animals, I love art, I love Pixar, I love Marvel, I love lamp, I love life. I am a reader; do not ask me what my favorite book is, there is literally too much on that list. I am absolutely fascinated with space and the ocean. I want to explore every chance I get. I'm up for doing anything atleast once! If you never try you'll never know. I fancy everything on my blog and more. Youtube is my second home. Feel free to talk to me! May the odds be EVER in your favor. xoxo
"There is no certainty, There is only adventure."



the most emotional post on tumblr

the struggle is real

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how do loaves of bread say hello to each other?

gluten tag

i don’t care what people think about me this will always be my greatest achievement 

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where can i download a flat stomach

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how come no one ever talks about how hans was about to slice elsa’s fucking head off


its like every character in the movie was g-rated disney, except for hans, hans literally came straight out of game of thrones

the southern isles send their regards

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Sometimes Finn and Jake display the most healthy and positive friendship I’ve ever seen and sometimes it makes me really happy that they don’t pull tropey bullshit and they have lines like this that show just how much they get each other.

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